National Horticulture Fair – 2023

The ICAR-IIHR, Bengaluru, Karnataka is organising “National Horticultural Fair-2023” during 22nd – 25th February, 2023 in collaboration with Society for Promotion of Horticulture (SPH); BESST- HORT, a Technology Business Incubator ICAR-IIHR; ICAR-ATARI Bengaluru and leading development departments serving for horticulture.

Innovative Horticulture for Self Reliance

Under the theme on “Innovative Horticulture for Self-Reliance”, the ICAR-IIHR aims to showcase and demonstrate latest technologies viz, vegetable and medicinal crop varieties for import substitution, pollination in protected cultivation, leaf curl virus resistant chili varieties, carotenoid content rich marigold varieties, flower waste utilization, terrace gardening solutions for urban horticulture, production technologies for exotic fruits such as Kamalam (dragon fruit) and avocado and cost effective traps for management of invasive pests etc.

ICAR-Indian Institute of Horticultural Research (ICAR-IIHR)

ICAR-IIHR was established in 1967 for basic, applied and strategic research on horticulture crops. Presently it is working on 58 horticultural crops (13 fruits, 30 vegetables, 10 flower and 5 medicinal crops) and so far released 316 varieties and 144 Technologies. Also commercialized 102 technologies to 559 clients with 1114 licenses. Organized more than 700 trainings and 5 Horticultural Fairs. About 350 students have completed post-graduation studies. Institute is contributing more than Rs. 30,051 crores annually to the horticulture sector in the country.

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